Self-Stitched Sept'11 Challenge

In the sewing and style blogging worlds, I've noticed several bloggers host events called "challenges." A topic is selected, guidelines are set, and participants are off! They seem to bring a great sense of community, though participants can be countries apart, and they always sound so fun! So, when Sewaholic Tasia mentioned a new challenge being hosted by a fellow blogger, I eagerly clicked!

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Zoe over at "So, Zo, What Do You Know" is hosting the Self-Stitched Sept '11 Challenge. I recommend all of my crafty friends (refashioning/knitting/crochet included) hop over to Zoe's blog and sign up! Hear is my pledge (posting publicly = accountability and accountability = adherence):

'I, Jennifer of msjennyhomemaker.blogspot.com, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept '11. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade item each week for the duration of September 2011.'

The challenge recommended one item each day but alas, I've only really made bright, summery clothes so I wanted to make it reasonable and base it on the number of items I feel I can sew together during September. (I will aim to wear said self-stitched outfit on errand day to maximize bravery.)  I'll be posting each outfit here and would love to hear feedback and get links to others'.

Happy stitching! x


  1. Hi Jennifer - good for you for stepping up to the challenge! I too have thought about participating, but have thought - no way - most of the few garments that I have sewn are not appropriate for work. So that would leave me with like three items to for the challenge. But, what a great idea to modify the challenge. Good luck :)

  2. @Annabelle
    Hi Annabelle! Thanks for your encouragement! Sewing casual or playful clothes is just more fun than sewing work clothes, isn't it? If you wanted, you could always modify the challenge yourself to every Saturday or such - something easier to stick to with what you've made. Can't wait to see what you make next!


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