Quick Tip - Saving Space on the Laundry Drying Rack

To save energy and extend the life of our clothes, I hang most of our clothes on laundry racks to dry. I've just finished hanging a load of lights and have a quick tip for those of you who do the same.

To conserve space on the racks, fold men's shorts and slacks in half, the way you would to hang them in the closet (along the press folds). This way, you can fit two pairs side-by-side on one bar. Just remember to flip them halfway through the drying time (for me this is about 4-5 hours later in the summer and the next morning in the winter). This also speeds up pressing time, especially if you smoothe the garment while hanging.

Do you have any little laundry tips? Please feel free to share below!

I'm off to start on dinner! x


  1. Excellent tip! Any suggestions for hanging men's dress shirts? I was struggling with the best way to hang those yesterday.

  2. Thanks Danielle! Unfortunately, I'm not sure that I've worked out the best technique for his shirts. Many of my fiance's are dry clean only but the ones I do wash, I generally lay across all four bars at the top of the rack (on a soft terry towel to prevent "rod wrinkles," if needed). I try to do them in a load where space isn't an issue. Then, when they're at least halfway dry, they can be moved to hangers to finish, making way for the next load.

    Can anyone else offer a suggestion?

  3. I prefer to hang my clothes on hangers to dry. We have a shower stall, so there isn't much hanging space. I add more room with a broom handle laid diagonally across the stall. I hang pants upside down with clamp-style hangers. I figure the weight helps to pull out the wrinkles.

  4. Hi @carrauntoohil! Hanging clothes on hangers instead is a great way to save space! (and if it lessens the need for ironing - bonus!) We hung most of our clothes that way when I was growing up. The broom handle is a fantastic idea! I wouldn't have thought of that. Thanks so much for sharing!


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