My First Vintage Patterns!

Today, when I headed out to do my weekly grocery shopping, something drew me to the only flea market we have - a little Cherokee-run place on the outside of town, called Pickles Gap. No, that's not an odd auto-correct. It's actually called Pickles Gap. I have no idea why.

I'd been been to these stores a few times in the past, hoping to find a least one lovely vintage pattern to take home. I'm always so envious of the great patterns others in the sewing world seem to stumble upon. Unfortunately, if any can be found, they either aren't even close to my size or they're a style that went out for a reason.

I bet you don't have fowl wandering about at your flea market!

Lucky for me, today's visit finally paid off. I scored not one, but two, vintage patterns for beautiful dresses!

My lovely, new-to-me patterns, $2 each

The first is Advance 6697 , which Wiki suggests is from the 1950s, though very little information is available. I was so pleased to see this one sitting in the basket. After seeing the beautiful scalloped neckline, there was no question it was coming home with me. I'm already dreaming of a pale silk taffeta.

The second is Simplicity 3536. I suspected it was from the early 1960s, with which the little information online seems to agree. This one is a more versatile pattern with both a full skirt and a slim skirt option, short or elbow sleeves, and detachable collar and yoke. This one is definitely a candidate for the Mad Men challenge over at Sew Weekly!  I may even try out Gertie's tutorial for two-piece gussets, as both dress views have kimomo sleeves. I'd like to find a nice wool or rayon jersey for this one.

I'm just so excited about the possibilities with each of these patterns. I just had to share my finds with a crowd I knew could appreciate them!

Where do you find your vintage patterns? Do you have any in particular that you just love?

Happy vintage sewing! x


  1. Yay Jennifer! This is so exciting. I remember looking for ages before I found my first vintage patterns. They are not in my size, but I think I will still be able to tackle them. I can't decide which of yours I like more. They will both make fantastic dresses.

    Aside from the few that I have found at thrift shops and antique malls, I have been fairly lucky with eBay. Thought it seems to have gotten much more popular to search for these kinds of patterns so it's harder to get them for less than $10.00.

    1. Thanks! I really am quite excited! I'm planning to go back next week to see if my luck continues. I imagine they're easy enough to grade a little this or that (just not when they're twice your size!) so, I'm sure you'll have great luck with yours. I have checked ebay as well but I agree, they can get a bit pricey.

  2. YAY for your first vintage patterns! These are two lovelies!!

    1. Thanks, Debi! I'm so pleased you like them. I always envy the ones you use! Now, if I can pull them off half as well as you do, I'll be a very happy girl.

  3. Nope, definitely no poultry at my local thrift store! Those are some lovely patterns, though...can't wait to see them made up!


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