Sew Far, Sew Good

Have you visited The Sew Weekly lately? If you have, I'm sure you've noticed a huge change. Instead of 5 contributors, there are now 130! Incredible, isn't it!? I think it's great that Mena opened her site to so many of us to encourage more challenge participation and inspiration!

Since my sewing resolution is to sew twice as much as last year, I chose to sign up to be a contributor to give me that extra little push I need to finish more projects. This week's challenge, "Buttoned Up," proved a bit more time consuming than I expected (darn shifty plaid), and I ran into technical difficulties so, I'm running two days late but, I'm pushing through it and it should be over on The Sew Weekly sometime this week! (So exciting!)

Here's a teeny tiny preview:

I've already planned out the upcoming challenges as well, and selected which ones to omit to allow more time for others. I feel so 'on the ball'. Here's hoping I stick to it all year!

Did you make sewing resolutions? Are you sticking to them so far? x


  1. How great that you are part of the Sew Weekly, I 'm sure this will really give you the extra to push to sew more often. You saw my crazy German Pattern Experiment as part of my sewing goals. In addition to that I would like to sew more things that last year - not a specific number, just more than last year. I'm going to try and use specific needs needs to decide what I am going to sew (i.e. - I really need tops, so I hope to sew a few of those; and dresses for work and fun events is also something I really need). I've got plenty of ideas and inspiration for this year!

    1. I really think it will! It certainly kept me from throwing in the towel on a project last week.

      I'm excited to watch your German Pattern Experiment unfold! You have so many cute things to choose from. I think sewing specific needs is a great idea! (I really should do that too.) Have fun sewing through all of your ideas!


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