New Look 6699 - The "How Projects Evolve" Blue Sateen Dress

While browsing the Sew Weekly archives, a few weeks ago, for the Made This Look challenge, I stumbled upon this adorable yellow sundress that screamed 'home' to me. On the East Coast, nautical isn't so much a fashion trend as it is daily wear during the warmer months. This little yellow dress looked like something I would have worn to lunch with friends by the beach. Throw on a blue/white cardigan, a gold bracelet and a pair of sandals, and I'd be set.

A lake isn't quite the Atlantic but, then again, blue isn't quite yellow.

Of course, you may notice this isn't a yellow dress. What happened, you ask? It's too early in the year for my fair skin to be covered in yellow. You can read just how this yellow dress became blue, here, on the Sew Weekly.

Change of fabric aside, the pattern itself is great! It comes with three different bodices, six sleeves, two midriffs, two skirt shapes, a sash, and a flower!  You could buy this single pattern and create a wardrobe full of different dresses.  The possibilities for embellishments and dressing it up or down are seemingly endless.

Just look at all of those options!! Source: Simplicity
I do recommend watching out for two things though:

1.  Because the pattern gives so many different options, the fabric requirements are a bit off (unless you want to make each piece out of a different fabric).  It would be more cost effective to cut out the options you want to use and lay them out in the best possible 45" and 55" arrangements.  Then, you can buy only what you need.  (Ex: the midriff is cut on the bias and its requirements are listed separately.  Really though, it can fit perfectly in a blank space beside the bodice pieces.)

2.  I always chose my pattern sizes based on the ease printed on the pattern piece itself.  However, even having done that, I had to take out a small chunk at the zipper on the bodice and reduce the curve of the hips, removing about an inch on each side.  I wouldn't call this a fault of the pattern (I think I'm just oddly shaped) but, I would suggest basting your first dress for fit - just in case.

Now that I've tweaked the fit, I plan to use this one again this summer.  I will have that yellow dress! :-P

Do you ever start a project planning one thing, only to have a very different outcome?  (Tell me I'm not alone! haha)

Happy sewing! x


  1. Jennifer, this dress turned out just wonderful! All of your pictures on Sew Weekly are beautiful - you should have included more of them in this post :) I feel like I need to run out and buy this pattern now.

    Lunch on the beach sounds fabulous. Is that something you really do? Gosh, I am ever jealous!

    1. Aw, thank you Annabelle! I was actually rather uncertain of the photos (and the dress, at first).

      You should get this pattern! It's so versatile! (You know I love versatile patterns!)

      Yes! Lunch on the beach is so fun! Either right on the beach or in a great seafood restaurant on a pier - I love it! (And really miss it now that I'm landlocked.)

  2. The outcome may be different than what you envisioned when you started, but it is perfectly gorgeous. The blue is a great color on you.

    1. Aww, thank you, Pam! Everyone's been so kind - I think I've warmed to it now :-)

  3. Hi, I've just found your lovely blog through the Sew Weekly website and just had to leave a comment to say how much I love your gorgeous blue dress!!!

    1. Hi, Suzie! I'm so glad you stopped by, welcome! Thank you so much for your kind words! They've really brightened my day :-)


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