TSC Inspiration - A Dangerous Method

Every so often, a movie comes along with costumes that steal my attention.  Recently, we rented A Dangerous Method from Netflix.  It's a period film based upon a time in the lives of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Sabina Spielrein.  I studied psychology in college so, the topic held a bit of interest for me.  I won't say another word on the movie itself save for the wardrobe. The dresses caught my eye immediately and I found myself eyeing the details of the garments frequently throughout the movie.

I won't be creating any of these dresses for That's Sew Cinematic but, I'm definitely filing them away for future reference.  Since I know you all have an eye for detail and fawn over lace and dreamy cotton as much as myself, I knew I just had to share a few shots with you. Enjoy :-)

Billowy bodice with lace sewn on a bias, coat with pleated shoulders
Exquisitely dressed extras ;-)
I love the lace shoulders on the young girl in front.
More well-dressed extras, all ladies with high lace collars and gentleman in traditional black and white for dinner.

Do you see a theme yet?  White + lace = oh so pretty!

Look at all of that lovely lace - so delicate!

Another lovely blouse with long walking skirt

Gorgeous details on mother, baby, and carriage.

Beautiful white dress with lace inserted in the bodice and sleeves., pintucks and gathers accent the skirt.
(I read Keira liked this one so much, she kept it!)
Notice also her embroidered bag and sheer hat.

That is all.  You may now wipe up the drool and resume your daily activities.  (If you do use any of these garments as inspiration, used similar details in any of your projects, I'd love to see!)

Happy sewing! x
* Please note: The images used in this post are the property of Sony Pictures Classics.  They are presented for project research only.


  1. Really pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aren't they? :-). I knew I wouldn't be alone in my oogling!

  2. A timely reminder for one more reason why I must put this film on my DVD rental list! So now the reasons go like this (in no particular order):
    1. Michael
    2. Viggo
    3. Psychoanalysis
    4. Costumes
    Can't wait till the TSC reveal!

    1. Happy to help :-). I hope you enjoy the film. (You should at least enjoy the eye candy!) Admittedly, the film was more about the relationships between Jung and Sabina and Jung and Freud but, of course, psychoanalysis does make an appearance.

      I won't have time to make one of these by the end of June but, I did just win some amazing antique lace so, you'll certainly see an inspired piece at some point in the future.

  3. Lovely images. I actually haven't heard of this movie, but then again, I rarely watch TV so I have no idea what is out there. Can't wait to see your next TSC outfit - I saw your sneak peak on Instagram :)

    1. You're not alone - we no longer subscribe to any television so, we're often out of the loop as well.

      Hosting guests for the holiday put my sewing on hold but, I do hope to get back to that TSC dress sometime in the near future :-)

  4. Oooh, what lovely inspiration!
    I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, I so love your posts and your makes!

    1. How very sweet of you, Juliet! I'm so flattered! Thank you :-D

  5. Hey babe! Thanks for the pattern suggestion, I bought the M6331!!! Its gorgeous!! I chose that over the V1174 because the M6331 has custom cup sizes!! Woo!!

    1. I'm happy to help :-) The dress looks great!!


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