Cheesecake Pudding

Everyone knows that vanilla wafers and banana pudding go hand-in-hand but, when I perused the pudding section at the grocery store, I considered a new combination. The Jell-O instant cheesecake pudding called to me (I've had a bit of a sweet tooth lately). When I saw it, I immediately thought it would be great when combined with the Keebler graham crackers at home in our pantry.

It's insanely easy and quick (2 minutes whisking, 5 minutes setting) and it tastes quite good! It obviously doesn't have the luscious texture of cheesecake but, the flavor, especially when paired with the crackers, is very close. With four servings at around a quarter each and approximately 200 calories, depending on milk used, it's much easier than cheesecake on your wallet and your waistline.

Happy snacking! x

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