Self-Stitched Challenge - Week 3

Well, last week's sewing did not go as planned (see previous post) so, I didn't have any shiny new me-made outfits to rock for the week. I did, however, still manage to (loosely) participate.

Last Saturday (I know, technically Week 2 but, I wore it after the post...), I wore my blue shirtdress for a bit of evening shopping with DF. It was rainy earlier in the evening so I had an excuse to wear my favorite Wellies but, it means photo-time was not picturesque. Please excuse the gloomy skies and auto backdrop. DF hoped the dark vehicle would provide enough contrast to allow the camera phone to pick up my outfit.

Dress: Simplicity 2246, handmade
Sweater: AE
Handbag: NY&Co
Wellington Boots: Burberry

On Sunday, we popped out again and I wore a RTW black herringbone dress (c. 2009) with a me-made black and white houndstooth tie-belt (my first successful item) and the above pictured Wellies. Sadly, I did not realize until much later that I was wearing a self-stitched item and I did not get a photo.

Then, on Friday, still having no new outfits, I whipped up a trial of a bracelet design I like. My machine's feed-dogs and I did not see eye-to-eye on the buttonhole so, it's not the most professional looking item I've made but, I wore it out and about anyway. (Notice how I'm hiding the buttonhole in the photo. The bracelet actually wears like a small cuff.)

My "New England-style" Bracelet mock-up,
posing on our cozy wool tartan blanket.

As I said, not much but, hopefully I get an 'A' for effort. Coming into week 4, I'm rather confident that I'll have one outfit done in time. I've picked an out-of-character Kelly green corduroy to whip into a fun fall skirt! Wish me luck! x


  1. Sharp looking shirtdress, Jennifer! Your blog is fab! Also thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog (Simplicity Cynthia Rowley twist top).

  2. Thanks @HeathersSphere! You're so kind! And, you're welcome! That top is great :)


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