The "About Me"

I always hate that question... of course, I'm not very witty and I simply despise rambling about myself (ironic for a Blogger, I know) so I'm never certain what to write. In this case, I suppose a small introduction is in order, in case anyone out there decides to read this.

Let's see... well, I am currently 26... I'm a college graduate (Go Big Blue!) but I've been a homemaker for a little over a year now. I'm also a stay-at-home puppy mom. Our Golden Shepherd's name is CoCo and she's quite a handful, but in a good way. Now that my job is taking care of my wonderful fiance, our dog, and the beautiful house in which we live, I've developed a love for cooking and baking, as well as sewing and keeping our home clean and organized. I'm still learning so, here you can watch me stumble through it all.

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