Gleaming Faucets

Sadly, nothing gets me in the mood to clean quite like the smell of Windex. In fact, it's the only even semi-hazardous cleaner I still use (luckily, I don't have children). I have yet to find anything that delivers the same sparkling results (aside from possibly steam) and I don't just use it on my windows and mirrors. Once I've finished my bathroom mirrors, I spray a little Windex on a clean side of my microfiber cloth and wipe down the stainless faucets. They're clean and shiny in seconds! I've even received complements on how well-maintained my sink and shower faucets look. They glimmer like new!
Of course, the eco-friendly way to do this is with a hand-held steamer. I own the one produced by Shark. (I purchased mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a 20% off coupon, available by signing up for their mailings.) I love it for cleaning countertops, cabinets, chairs, couches, etc, but I swear (and I'm sure it's in my head) nothing shines glass and stainless quite like Windex ;)
Back to cleaning! x

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