Time to Save Some Money

Like a lot of housewives, I do all of the shopping (among a million other things!) I feel a bit guilty sometimes about spending my fiance's paycheck, without contributing one, so I like to save when I can. I'm a huge fan of online product research, comparison shopping, and using coupons. For groceries though, comparison shopping in a small town with only two big-box stores and a Kroger is a bit limited. Most grocery coupons have always been limited to the Sunday paper (to which we do not subscribe)... until now!
This weekend, I hit the jackpot. Both of the coupon sets that come in the paper now have websites: www.smartsource.com and www.redplum.com . You can access these sites from your mobile and then group all the ones you want in an email to yourself and print them when you get to a computer! Even better, if you have a Kroger in your area, they now have a mobile app that links to your store card. You select the coupons you want and then add them to your card. Then, when you check out, all you do is swipe it and the discounts automatically come off! No printing required!
GeoQpons, Groupon, and many other free applications also have local and retail coupons so check them out if you have a smart phone. To find all the ones available to you, just try typing "coupons" into the search feature of your phone's app store.
In just a short amount of time, I've saved quite a bit. Every little bit helps! Put those savings toward a much needed vacation!
Happy saving! x

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