Saving time, courtesy of Ziploc and Pyrex

Confession: even though it's just my fiance and I, I have a habit of preparing a recipe in full. Sometimes because I forget to cut it in half and sometimes because I think we'll eat more than we do. So, recently I've rediscovered the usefulness of Ziploc and added a new use to my Pyrex glassware containers.

For example, this weekend I tested out a new Buttermilk Pancake recipe. Of course, I made a full batch for just the two of us, which means we had 10 large pancakes leftover! Obviously, we wouldn't be eating all ten that weekend so it occured to me that I could group them by five (three for him, two for me) and freeze them in my Ziploc Vacuum Bags.
If you haven't seen these, they are a cheaper alternative to large vacuum sealers and available at big-box retailers, next to the regular freezer bags. You get a small hand pump that you set on the circle of the bag (each bag is printed with instructions) and you pull out the air by pulling up the handle of the pump. Just a few seconds and your food is sealed away and ready to freeze! Now, when we get a craving for buttermilk pancakes, I won't have to bake a thing! I'll just pull out a bag of pancakes and defrost them on the bread setting in our microwave. It gives the convenience of packaged food without unknown or unsafe ingredients! How great is that!?
Similarly, when I made a pot of Clam Chowder, we had a TON of leftovers. So, I got out two Pyrex containers, filled one with leftovers for lunch the following day and another with leftovers for a future dinner and lunch, which I threw in the freezer. That way, there's no wasted food and there will be one night in the next few weeks when, instead of cooking, I can defrost the soup and still offer a warm, comforting, home-cooked meal (perhaps on a sick or snow day?).
These items can be used for nearly everything - from extra rolls or muffins to leftover veggie or chicken stock to most meals. This can make life so much easier for a busy homemaker. And, since you're baking or cooking anyway, why not prepare a little extra to have on a raining day?
Happy freezing! x

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