My New Favorite Skillets

To prepare for tonight's dinner of Ginger Pot Roast and Yorkshire Pudding, I've set out a casserole dish and one of two favorite skillets. That skillet is the All-Clad 9" Stainless Steel French Skillet, which I was lucky enough to win on Twitter (thanks All-Clad!)

It is a simply beautiful workhorse, delighted to prepare everything from jambalaya for two to chicken cordon bleu to, in this case, Yorkshire pudding.  The exceptional tri-ply combination of aluminium sandwiched between layers of stainless heats quickly and evenly, even on induction. I always heat mine first on low, then heat fats (if using), and then add the ingredients. Butter melts beautifully, my meats brown perfectly and it can go from stovetop to the oven, up to 500F. I've yet to prepare a dish that wasn't improved by using this pan, or its sister 11" skillet (which I purchased online after weeks of research, before winning the 9"), over my previous Farberware skillets.

In addition to making my meal preparation easier, and the results even more delicious, this skillet is also very easy to clean. Something I found surprising for stainless steel. After eating, simply take a touch of Dawn (or your preferred gentle dish soap) to a soft dish cloth and wipe. Should you find that anything remains after cleaning, it can easily be removed with the smallest bit of Bar Keeper's Friend and water. I sprinkle just a little BKF on the skillet and wipe in a circular motion from the inside out with a damp cloth or paper towel. This forms a runny paste which works brilliantly at removing anything that Dawn may leave behind. Then, simply wash again with a bit of Dawn and dry with a soft dish towel or flour sack. Your skillet will be as shiny and beautiful as the day you bought it!

I've tried many skillets, different brands, non-stick and stainless, and these are, by far, my favorites and certainly feel that they are worth the extra money. They're made in the US, are clearly high-quality and, from what I hear, they'll last a lifetime! x

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