DIY TV Cord Cover

Yesterday, we received our new entertainment cabinet. With this cabinet, we wanted a way to hide and protect the cords between the TV and the inside of the cabinet. One common solution is velvet cord covers. By a simple Google search, these appear to cost upwards of $30. Not a huge cost but why pay that when they're so cheap and easy to make?

Items needed:
Tape measure
Black velvet or similar material (size determined below)
White tailors chalk
Pinking shears or Scissors
Sewing machine threaded with black poly thread

First, determine the size cover you need:
Measure the drop from your TV down to the cord hole in the cabinet. This is the minimum length needed but I added around 6" to be safe. 
Also, wrap a tape measure around the largest plug and around the entire cord bundle. Add 1" to the larger of the two measurements. This is the width of the fabric, including a 1/4" seam allowance.
I cut a 36" x 5" strip from a Halloween scrap. (Hint: if cutting from a larger piece, use white tailors chalk to mark the cut line on the wrong side.) Alternately, you can purchase a new piece of fabric, asking for a cut the width you need (ex: 5").

Next, sew the cover:
Fold each short end over 1/4". Secure with pins perpendicular to the seam line. Since velvet and similar materials have a bit of stretch, select a small zigzag stitch on your machine and sew 1/8" from the cut edge.
Then, fold the fabric lengthwise, right sides together and secure again with pins perpendicular to the seam line. Still using the zigzag stitch, sew 1/4" from the raw edges. At end, pull bobbin thread through to top and tie a knot to secure the seam.

Carefully turn the cover and thread cords through. Now you have a very inexpensive solution to an unsightly problem.

Have a great weekend everyone! x

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