McCalls 6027 - The Red Dress

A certain red dress in a certain British movie inspired me to create a flowy little scoopneck of my own. Can you guess which one I mean? (Hint: I've named this one my Shaftesbury Avenue dress.)

Please excuse the washout.
I was determined to get a few photos before rushing off to dinner and the HP double feature!

The princess seams on this dress made it so quick and easy to make. No matching bodice seams to waist seams or lining up darts - just pin and sew down the full length. It was great! Princess seams are also one of the most flattering options on many body types so this pattern is bound to look good on nearly everyone. The way the seamlines gracefully fall over your curves into a flowing skirt is just so feminine and playful (twirls, anyone!?).

My only complaint with this pattern (aside from the usual over-ease) is the partial lining. It, unfortunately, stops around your waistline and can be quite obvious through the fashion fabric. The next time I use this pattern, I'm definately changing it to a full lining. A longer lining will also help with the teeny walking problem I had. When outside, the center front seam liked to blow between my knees - not very ladylike.

By the way, if you guessed Hermione's red dress from Deathly Hallows Part 1, you're right! My version was loosely inspired by hers - I thought the scoopneck would be a nice change from all the square necklines I've done recently and I loved the flowy skirt as she was leading the guys through Piccadilly Circus. However, I did not want to recreate the original (I didn't want a costume!) and McCalls 6027 gave me a fantastic alternative. This was an easy pattern and I'm quite pleased with the results. It was so fun to wear and lends itself to a variety of accessories and future embelishments. Overall, I'd call this one a success!

Eta: To view additional photos, click here

I hope everyone has a great weekend! x



    YOU LOOK WOW! WHAT A GREAT JOB. WOULD LOVE TO POST YOUR PHOTO AND A LINK TO YOUR BLOG ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. WE ARE Fb.mccallpattern.com. Will you please email me at valeryp@mccallpattern.com to let me know if I may do so.

    Thanks. You look fabulous.

  2. How flattering! Of course, I responded via email granting permission. Look for me on McCall's Facebook page, August 3rd! x

  3. I'm pretty sure the red dress Hermione wears is an actual designer dress, not a dress made for the movie.

  4. Hi Anonymous! Thank you for your comment. I'm sure you're right. However, I did not want her dress (designer or otherwise). I was simply inspired by it to make a red, flowy dress of my own :)

  5. That is a stunning dress! You look fabulous in it! I was hunting for some info for #6027 and came across this. I am making my own version in dark purple. I was wondering about the partial lining and you have convinced me to do a full one. Thank you for the inspiration! Well done :)

  6. Thank you, @Silvana! That is so sweet of you to say! I think this will look great in a dark purple! I do hope you'll stop by again and leave a link to your version (if you post a photo). :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! And I love how there's a mirror angle on the photo :)

    1. I got to this via your review on Pattern Reviews.com!! You did a great job, I'm nervous about the sizing being so off :-) Can I bug you for a quick question, hopefully you can recall making it since I'm a couple years later!! I got a 14 inch zipper but it seems it would be better if I had an 18 or 20, is the 14 really long enough in the scheme of the creation? Believe I will use your advice on the lining part, I think a full linking makes outfits more "pro" made looking, good call on that! Thanks - Michelle

    2. Thanks so much for your compliment, Michelle! Luckily, the princess seams make it very easy to adjust the fit as needed. To my recollection, the shorter zipper should be perfectly fine thanks to the lower scoop in the back but, I'll measure mine later to night and let you know :)

    3. I just measured my zipper and it's actually only 12" long (I have a bad habit of buying short zips) but, I have to put it on over my head. If you prefer to step into the dress, you may need something longer (depending on your hips) otherwise, the 14" should be fine. The back scoops low enough to push the zip down to a reasonable spot...if that makes sense. I hope that helps!! Good luck with your dress :)

    4. Wonderful, I feel better on that - just seemed too short when I hit the basting length on the back! I hope it turns out great and fun - It will be on the pattern review when it's complete!!! I have 2 weeks to get it knocked out - hoping I'll have it done in a few days LOL (yah, we'll see haha) Thanks again - Michelle

    5. I'll cross my fingers that you finish with time to spare! :)


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