Simply Vera No Show Socks

Last month, I told you my little trick to keep no show socks from sliding off your heel. Well, someone at Simply Vera must have read my post (kidding!).

A few weekends ago, my fiance and I stopped in Kohls (though I cannot remember why...) and something told me to check its sock selection. What I found was a 2-pair pack of Simply Vera no show socks with silicone grips in the heel! The pack I selected even had the bonus of little massaging strips on the bottom. I bought them in nude ($7 on sale, $10 regular retail) and brought them home, attempting to keep my expectations low.

I've now worn them several times with my Top Siders and skimmers and am quite happy to report that so far, they've actually kept their promise! No matter how much walking I do - around the neighbourhood with our dog or running errands - they've stayed in place. These are also the smallest no-shows I've seen yet so they don't even peek in any of my shoes. I'll definitely be going back to Kohls just to get a few extra pairs and I recommend you do so too! x

UPDATE: 12/6/2011 The massaging style socks are still my go to no-shows with boat shoes and loafers. Even after countless washes (machine wash warm, line dry) they stay put! The smaller, thinner option, which I wear with ballet flats, does occasionly slip off my heel but even that isn't common. Since this post, I've also tried Target's Merona version but they slipped several times each time I wore them. I still highly recommend the Simply Vera no-show socks.

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