Works in Progress

My, oh my! Where has the month gone!? Summer certainly has had a quieting effect on the blogging world, hasn't it? I hope you can forgive me for my part.

Along with staying outside more, soaking up some glittering happiness, I have, on promise to my DF, been working on clearing out my summer fabric stash. After oogling over recent "ladylike" dresses , I'm quickly brewing my own variations for fall. But, it's only fair that I work with what I have first. So, in the last week I've nearly finished:
  • Butterick 5351 in a lavender eyelet (needs straps sewn and hem)
  • Butterick 4443 in a pink and green plaid (needs the lining taken in to reduce bulk and hem)
  • Simplicity 2584 in white with a lace overlay (we're still deciding on a neckline and front darts)
Then, I just have to work on:
  • New Look 6057 in a blue and white linen gingham
  • Simplicity 2246 x2 in a red cotton and a blue herringbone
  • McCalls 2365 in a green linen
No problem, right? Curse you, sewing ADD! I just need to focus on the pretty Vogue patterns, wools, and silks at the end of the tunnel :) What are you rushing through working on? Please share below! I love hearing from you! Have a wonderful weekend! x


  1. Wow that's quite a list! Good for you on working through the stash though. I don't sew (yet?) but I knit and crochet, and if I had to use up all my yarn I'd be in trouble! :) But one reason to have a stash is so the materials will be on hand when inspiration strikes, right? ;)

    I always have a ton of projects going, but currently I have about three pairs of socks, a shawl, and a couple sweaters/tops.

  2. Hi Renee! Thanks! I'm trying to be good, though I can't help but agree with your "at the ready" reasoning :) I used to crochet and remember having a ton of yarn around too. My mom got to add it all to her (huge) stash when I went to University and no longer had the time. Although... with fall and winter approaching, I may just have to take it back up. It's a more convenient hobby than sewing since you can do it from the comfort of the couch.

    Your list sounds great! If you post pictures online, I'd love for you to share a link!

  3. I'm knitpurlgirl on Ravelry.com :) if you do decide to start crocheting again you should definitely check out Ravelry...its an awesome resource!

  4. Thanks for the tip Renee! I'll be sure to check it out soon :)


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