DIY Eyelet D-ring Belt

When I purchased the pink belting from the previous post, I also bought a length of white canvas, not yet knowing what to do with it. I experimented with different ribbons and trims, trying to find the look that was the most "me."

In the end, I went for a feminine, slightly nautical look of white eyelet beading (leftover from my spring dresses) woven with a navy grosgrain ribbon and finished with brass d-rings.

While not quite as quick and easy as the first one - this one required sewing - I did get it done in about 30 minutes and would definitely say the finished product was worth the extra time.

All you need is:
A length of white canvas, long enough to encircle your waist, plus 6-12"
A length of eyelet beading, the width of your canvas and length of the belt plus 6"
Grosgrain ribbon the same length as the eyelet
2 d-rings slightly wider than the belting
Threaded sewing machine
Hot glue

Start by threading the grosgrain ribbon through the eyelet beading. Once done, lay the beading on your canvas, allowing the extra to hang over the end. Sew, with machine, along the edges of the eyelet. (You should find two lines that have already been sewn. Try to follow the line closest to the edge.) The scallops should look a bit more pronounced. Then, fold one end over 1/2" twice, toward the blank side, and slip the d-rings into the loop. Secure closed with hot glue. Try the belt on and trim if necessary (trim only the canvas). Once fit is determined, wrap the excess eyelet over the edge and onto the other side, tucking the end under 1/8". Sew in place. This will allow the design to show on all visible parts when the belt is worn. Done!

Just a little extra time but your talent and taste will really show in this one. Of course, experiment with various trims to suit your style. Have fun and it will look great! x

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