The New Kitchenaid Hand Mixer

Everyone always told me that a mixer is a housewife's best friend. I'm not one for a counter full of appliances so, when I finally caved, I bought a Kitchenaid 9-speed hand mixer. Those of you who have read my older posts know how well that went. But, Kitchenaid is dedicated to their customers and as soon as I posted my disappointment on Twitter, a customer service representative immediately tried to make it right.

Cheryl very sweetly apologized for my disappointment and submitted an exchange. The QVC model was no longer in stock but she allowed me to choose from the three colors that had been carried at Williams-Sonoma, which had sold out a few weeks prior. I chose the neutral Cocoa Silver (which was the one I wanted in the first place as I don't have the best luck, it seems, with red appliances). I got to keep my mixer until the new one arrived, which took less than a week! When the new one arrived, it was my fiance who noticed that the new mixer stated "Professional," where the old one had not. I don't know it that mattered or if the red one was just a dud but, I did notice a substantial difference in quality as soon as I turned the silver one on.

Now, I can beat, blend, and stir nearly anything I want. I've made quite a few recipes with it, from blueberry bran muffins to chocolate milk, and the mixer whips it all up with ease. Every setting feels different and works the way you'd expect. Yes, speed 1 does mix! I don't have any problems with beating eggs like I did with the QVC model, nor does it choke up or fall apart when I mixing oat muffins. It's safe to say my faith in Kitchenaid products has been restored! (My faith in QVC... now, that's another story.) If you're tired of tired arms and can find a Kitchenaid 9-speed Professional Hand Mixer, I highly recommend it! It cuts my baking prep time in half (and makes delightfully frothy chocolate milk)!

Happy mixing! x

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