McCall's M5391 - Classic Twill Shorts

Shorts must be one of the hardest items for me to find. If I go into "young" stores, the shorts tend to be too short - a 1" inseam on a very leggy 5'10" frame just doesn't say class. If I order from other brands, the inseams are longer, 3",5", etc but they look too "mom," as my fiance puts it. They just aren't very flattering and imply that I'm older than I am. No girl wants that!

So, I've picked up M5391 and 1 1/4 yards of navy blue twill fabric from Hancock Fabrics in an attempt to make them myself. I chose view C for the longer inseam and I'm hoping I can get a slimmer, more youthful fit. Worst case scenario, I will have a custom pair of twill gardening shorts!

As always, I've started by cramming the pattern pieces as close as possible to use as little fabric as I can (although I never go back and use the scraps... but that's another story). I won't be adjusting these for my height because I don't want them quite as long as the picture shows. Leaving off the usual 2" addition should put them at the right spot. This twill is probably one of the thickest fabrics I've worked with to date and so it is the hardest to pin so far. Luckily, my wonderful Fiskers scissors didn't feel a thing.

In an effort to give a more detailed and accurate review of this pattern from the eyes of a beginner, I'm going to make this something of a series. For now, my pieces are cut but now it's back to dishes and laundry before starting dinner.

To be continued! x

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  1. Good idea to post your sewing projects as a series. I really enjoy watching the creative process :)


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